• Kinokuniya NYC Book Signing Event

    Sunday Sep 17 2017

    Book Signing Event - Sunday, 10/1 [4pm-7pm] Customers who purchase one (1) copy of the 2016 Sketchbook will receive one (1) ticket for admission to the book signing event on Sunday,...

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  • NYCC 2015 Artist Alley

    Wednesday Sep 23 2015

    Kim Jung Gi will make an appearance at New York Comic-Con this year.  Master Kim will be at Artist Alley (N. Pavilion L4) from October 8th through October 11th.  We will have...

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  • Kinokuniya Bookstore Event: Kim Jung Gi Book Signing

    Thursday Sep 25 2014

    Kinokuniya Bookstore is extremely proud to present a signing event with master illustrator and  cartoonist Kim Jung Gi. With the ability to visualize a drawing completely before setting down a...

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  • 1 Day Pop-Up Art Show at NYC

    Monday Sep 15 2014

    We have some very exciting news for you. Kim Jung Gi will be back in U.S. for New York Comic-Con & one day pop-up art show at Chelsea 27. WHAT:...

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