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LIMITED EDITION: 2016 Sketch Collection

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The 2016 Sketch Collection is a compilation of masterful drawings from Kim Jung Gi's imaginations and personal experiences from his visit to various countries since 2013.   The book is packed with amazing sketches and the sketchbook contains line art, character art, point-of-view sketches, commissioned artwork, and live drawings from various events & festivals from France, Germany, Portugal, U.S., Brazil, Malaysia, Japan, China and etc.   Each drawings have been carefully selected and there are no duplicate images from previous edition.  In addition, this book will feature nearly NO nudity and/or explicit contents, so it's quite suitable for most audiences.   For the limited edition, there will be 100 copies (for worldwide) of the book with a totally black cloth cover on which master Kim will draw amazing original illustration.  The quantities will be limited to 30 for North America. Starting on June 14, 9PM Pacific Time, you can pre-order 2016 Sketch Collection from our website   Strictly limited to 30 copies, so pre-order now if you want to secure a copy. Limited Edition: 0 Left of 30 Pages: 448 Weight: 4.41 lbs Dimension: 8.5" x 11"  ISBN 978-89-959732-6-4 Estimated Delivery: July 15th, 2016 2016 Limited Edition Price: $435