Neo Smartpen Kim Jung Gi Edition Package ( Pen + Notebook )

Posted: Jul 11 2016

Kim Jung Gi Edition Package ( Pen + Notebook )

It is the very first time to have Kim Jung Gi’s logo on a digital product. Be the first to have Master Kim’s edition.

Everything from a package design to a notebook cover, all illustrated in a shape of letter ‘N’ for Neo smartpen by Kim Jung Gi.  Inside the notebook, you will find four pieces of drawings, the QR codes to watch the drawing time-lapse and a poster.

 Product details

Pen : Kim Jung Gi logo is delicately laser engraved on Neo smartpen N2.
Notebook : Blank, White Paper / 130mm x 210mm / 128 pages / 120gsm

Click on link below to purchase:

For customers in U.S., use promo code to receive 5% discount:

Promo Code:  KJUSA5

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